Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Four! Four! Four! Four!
Circle Four is done, stick a fork in it. Ahhh, yes! It feels so good to finish this circle. I now have roughly two weeks for circles 5-7. So I think I will break it down like this
  • 8 days - Circle 5
  • 4 Days - Circle 6
  • 2 Days - Circle 7
    Seems to be reasonable enough. I will stop all non-tactic solving activities for a while (playing, etc..) so I can concentrate on finishing the program. Usually I do reviews of the problems I miss, but I will stop that also. If I miss a problem, then I miss a problem. Nothing to do anymore there.

    To fit the plan inside the month of May, I did not solve about 20-30 odd problems whose solution goes 10+ moves deep. Trying to solve one of them consumes about 30min to 1 hour. But I feel I dont get anything anyway, except as a sort of calculation exercise. So I just crossed them out.
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