Monday, May 02, 2005
Rating Fluctuations
Ok, Ive played about over 20 games in FICS now, and my rating have fluctuated from 1680-1720. The numbers are not too far apart that maybe we can take the median, and say I'm a 1700 player? Dunno what the number is supposed to tell me though. I mean, a 2600+ player is supposed to be a super-GM. Capable of feats beyond normal human capabilities. But, what is a 1700 player capable of? And if I am really 1700(though I have my doubts of course), then I pity this class. Why? because I suck, and by extension this class should too (Ok, you can flame me now)

I've got a seven game winning streak. It almost seemed to easy. I defeated an 1800, a 1700, a 1600, a 1500, a 1400, a 1300(2x) player in succession. So what the heck, "maybe I'm stronger than I thought" I said to myself as I issued a challenge to a 1900 player. I got my head promptly handed to me on a platter. But wait, that loss may be a fluke. Maybe its just his lucky day. So I asked for a rematch. And lost, again - and again - and again. Guess that's no fluke huh! Maybe I'm really not stronger than I thought. I should admit that a 1900 player is too strong for me. Or, hey, maybe only this player. Maybe he's stronger than he though. So, I looked around for another 1900 player. This time, I got to the endgame before I lost. Of course I coud'nt help asking for a rematch, after rematch, after rematch. By the third game I'd have been happy for a draw. No such luck. Sheesh! I now have a eight game losing streak. Its good that my rating gets docked by only 5 points per loss. Otherwise, I would have been in the high 1500 now.

Strenght Differences
One of the things I noticed playing opponents with such diverse ratings is the way my opponent consistently select moves. The 1500 below class, selects sub-optimal moves most of the times. The 1800 above class on the otherhand, doesnt make any seemingly bad moves. Of course, this is my point of view. To a GM perhaps, all moves by class players are bad moves. But to me, it doesnt seem to be particularly bad. Just good solid moves. They see my tricks, easily parry them, and set tricks of their own. And, it is really very tempting to say that I lost because "I didnt know the lines of the french defense" or that I had "no endgame knowledge". But this is not really the case. I mean, most of the time, I got into a pretty even middlegame. My 1900 opponents just made slightly better moves than me. Nothing spectacular. No deep tactical shots. Just slighly better moves by slightly better moves.

Cicle 4 Status
I am at problem 312. 400++ to go before circle 4 completion
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  • At 2:36 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper

    Not all moves by class players are bad. Recently at our chess club one of our masters (rated 2400) reviewed a game won by a junior girl (rated 1500) and said that most of her moves were just excellent. So I think we class players do find and play many good moves. The difference imho is that the error and blunder level of GMs is just a magnitude lower than ours. That's what makes them win all the time.

  • At 4:56 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker

    My FICS rating is always about 100 points higher then my Dutch rating.
    I compared FIDE and Dutch ratings and they are almost equal. I don't know how FIDE and USCF ratings do compare.
    Here you can find the dividing of all Dutch players at their rating:

  • At 6:29 AM, Blogger CelticDeath

    When I play I set a minimum rating on my opps in my seeks to around 100 points below my rating (I round it to 1600 FICS). I feel that if I play anyone lower rated than that, my play may become sloppy. I also avoid playing someone over 200 points higher than me. Also, I limit the number of games that I play to keep myself from adopting a blitz game mentality. Finally, I only play at time controls of 20 minutes or slower.