Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Games Analysis
I analyzed one of my loses from the tournament last night. More than once I was surprised by the consistency of the bad moves I played. The moves are hideous, the kinds of mistakes begginers make. I wasted time in the opening, allowed two-move cheap shots by the opponent, and generally played like I can't wait to lose. It is as if, I've forgotten all the previous training I did. Now, why is that!? Maybe it's tournament pressure that caused such massive meltdowns? I know I dont play like that in casual games, or even in FICS. Its really puzzling. I hope I'm not developing into a choker now. Sort of like the guy who gives advices on how to get girls, but can't find a date himself.

Now, this game analysis is very enlightening, but hurtful to the psyche. For me,
Its painfull to have to remember the losses. And being confronted by it, move-by-painful-move is agonizing. Thats why I can only analyze one game last night. Maybe this is the reason why, despite the recorded benefits of doing this, some players don't practice it.

I'll try to analyze another game tonight, hopefully I will not repeat the same mistakes the next tournament (I am scouring the newspaper to find one. I am itching to find redemption)
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  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper

    Tactics puzzles may be misleading because in a game there is much less tactics and much more quiet moves. Is it possible that you overdo tactics in quiet positions?