Thursday, April 07, 2005
Status Report
Here are the status so far broken down by chapters. Two chapters seems to be missing from my book. Its too late to return it now since its all tattered from everyday use. I'll have to make do.

3 circles: Completed
1. Annihilation of Defense 1-45
2. Distraction 46-156
3. Decoying 157-255
4. Discovered Attack 256-312
5. Opening of file rank and diagonal 313-381
6. Clearing the space 382-417
7. X-ray attack 418-426
8. Damming 427-462
9. Blockade 463-486
10. Anihillation of pawn strukture 487-606

3 circles: Ongoing
11. Conversion of a pawn 607-660:

Not yet:
12. Zwischenzug 661-702
13 Stalemate 703-717
14. *Missing*
15. *Missing*
16. Conjunction of tactical Method 754-1014

Some Observations.
Important differences between now and at the start of the program

1. Tactical Recognition:
Kilgore said that he didnt notice much improvement in his tactical ability, but I noticed there is some in mine. I notice more themes now more than ever. This is really encouraging. I woudnt have continued on with the program if I didnt see any improvement in this area personally.

2. Tactical Reognition speed:
I do not notice any improvement. I notice more themes, but not at a significantly faster rate.

3. Stamina
I've solved problems the whole day, but with taking breaks. The longest I solved non-stop without any break, and without being tired was three hours. Previously, I get really tired after two. A one hour improvement, *But* I havent verified this in actual games. I dont know yet if I will have more energy batteries OTB. We will know on the april 17 tournament whether this ability has increased.

4. Square Vision
Previously, I have had great difficulty in an open board. With less pieces and more open squares, I cannot satisfactory tell at a glance which squares are controlled by the pieces. This is the reason why I cannot mate with KNB vs K. Its like being *blind* to the squares. I still do not have perfect sight of the squares, but I think it has improved. I am now less blind, if there was such a term. *BUT* I dont know why this should be so, but I have greater sight on 2D than on an actual board. I estimate that there is as much as 50% difference between them.

5. Calculating Ability
This has improved significantly. Initially, my biggest problem during calculation was retained images. 80% of the time, this is the cause why I cant find solutions.
This has lessened somewhat by asking myself if the piece is really there or if I'm just hallucinating. *BUT* I am really frustrated. In actual OTB play, sometimes I calculate, and sometimes I dont. I want to force myself to be concrete. I can solve for three hours calculating each and every lines of the problems, so I should be able to calculate every move in OTB play. But why dont I do it? Why3x!

Ive blogged about my 1 year improvement plan, but if this does not improve, I am gonna drop that study plan as it will be useless if I can't realiably analyze variations. To that end, I am now thingking of ordering the "Right Decisions" CD by Jacob Aagaard. The reviews say that it will improve calculation ability. Sancho Pawnsa already has it, but he seems to have, uhh.. things going on right now that I am hesitant to ask him. If somebody reads this, and you have the CD, please give me further feedback.. please3x!

6. Hardest Chapter
The hardest chapter so far was chapter 10. I've spent 2months for three circles of chapter 1-9, but I consumed a full month for this one chapter. Some of the problems I can't solve even now. I havent come to conjunction of tactical Method yet, but so far chapter 10 had been the killer.

I think I can finish the remaining chapters, plus do circles 4-7 in two months. I hope I dont get bogged-down by conjunction of tactical methods, otherwise I'll have to skip that so as to complete a seven circle in two months. Or maybe I'll do circles 4-7 of the first 13 chapters, then do a separate mini-7 circles for chapter 16. That way I can be assured of having a "seven-circle" within my 5-month deadline.

Right now there are two CD's that I am eyeing. They are vastly different from each other, but my goal for them is the same. The premise is that since I have already invested so much time in tactics, I want to enhance it. This can be done in two ways, thru greater calculation ability, or greater tactical knowledge. The CD's are of course "Right Decisions" by Aagaard, and the other one is "School of elementary tactics". Both of them have pretty good reviews, albiet only by steve lopez. I am gonna see which one of my weaknesses needs immediate attention. I can try to work on my calculation ability by buying right decisions, Or, I can sharpen (again) my tactical knowledge by further study, this requires the school CD.

After all of this, I had better improve or I am gonna tear a major artery due to frustrations.

"That's the way chess is; you are happy only rarely; the rest is grief."....GM Ljubomir Ljubojevic
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  • At 9:08 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    I have constructed a list of software for use during the Seven Circles, so future Knights will hopefully have something to help them choose. I just added the "School of Elementary Tactics" that you mentioned. I haven't been able to find ANY good descriptions of it on the web: only press releases. It looks like it is half theory, and half practice, but it is not clear what the practics consists of. Is it a bunch of little quizzes? A bunch of problems with no theme given? In particular, how many problems are there in the training section? Any information would be helpful!

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    I found the review of "School of Elementary Tactics" that you mentioned here.

  • At 4:29 AM, Blogger Mousetrapper

    I have the same problem with Square Vision. I think the Mate in 2 Exercises of Polgar are an excellent training tool. Know it? Use it!

  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger King of the Spill

    I had better improve or I am gonna tear ...a major artery due to frustrations.

    Ah, don't fret! I bet you are going to see improvement and ratings increase after mastering all of those problems and then start playing them OTB.