Monday, April 04, 2005
The King's Gambit
I got a PGN file from tempo containing a complete repertoire using the kings gambit. (Thanks tempo!). So last night after the requisite 1hour tactical training, I played thru the variations. I stayed really late trying to understand the system. *sleepy*. Well, this opening may be "busted" as fisher calls it, but I think the resulting positions are interesting enough, that I will adopt this as my primary weapon of choice.

But let me discuss something first, I think that there is a kind of urban legend among us weaker chess players (No offense to other weaker players =>). Namely, that an opening has something to do with winning a game. In GM play perhaps, but I think not with players like me. An analogy of this when I was trying to play the guitar can be described best by the story that goes:

I was jamming with some folks, and I said that "Man, my guitar sucks!" One of them borrowed the guitar and all of a sudden, all these wonderfull sounds started coming from it. He looked at me and said "The guitar sounds fine, I guess you just can't play". Oohhh! that hurts. Since then I stopped thinking that good music has something to do with the wood

I would like to think that I will win or lose a game not because of the opening. In fact I dont know a lick about any opening. But it seems I still manage to win every now and then. So the only reason I am gonna adapt the KG is not because it will win for me, but because it is the opening which will allow me to play to my strenght. Namely, tactics. On an open board with latent tactical threats, I am hoping all those training pays-off.

Chess Position Trainer
I am thinking of entering a speed (G/25)tournament this April 17. That means I still have 12 more days to brush up on my KG theory. So how do I memorize all those oodles of variations. Well, I use the CPT. This software really rocks! The candidate move test is very addicting. Higly recommended(10)

Anyway, I am gonna post my findings about the KG after I've spent a little more time analyzing it. I'll have to try and get some games with it too I guess. I'll log in FICS this week and "unleash" the KG there =>

Status Report
Circle 1: Conversion of Pawn: Problem 607-660 Complete
Will start Circle 2 tonight
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  • At 2:04 AM, Blogger Fraktál

    Hey, can I have that Pgn, too? :) Actually, I've come to hate the KG lately...I never played it as white, and my opponents used to sweep the floor with me on FICS using this opening. I just was at a loss, and had a very strong temptation to abort the game, disconnect, run as fast as I could every time I had it played against me. So I swore to learn to defend the KG. Playing d6 was a start, but I _really_ need to improve. Can you please send the pgn? Thanks.

  • At 2:21 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker

    Well, this opening may be "busted" as fisher calls it
    It's not busted. I commented on this as comment on my own blog (the post about KG). Gallagher has won new secrets of the KG by playing poker with another grandmaster.
    BTW I have no problems if you send the PGN to others.

  • At 5:52 AM, Blogger Nezha

    Hello fraktal,

    Whats your e-addr? I went to your profile but can't seem to find a link? I wanted to upload the PGN, but tempo might not like that. All he gave was e-mail permission. Contact me again, or if you dont mind your e-mail being broadcast, just post it here and I'll send it to you asap.

  • At 7:48 PM, Blogger Margriet

    As we are training tactical skills we need to play games with tactical chances, and the gambits are perfect for us for this reason.
    You can read it on my blog about my experiences. With King's Gambit there are allways fun-games and it is NEVER boring. About the theory: on my level(1410) nobody knows so much theory, it is the tactics that makes you win.


  • At 12:03 AM, Blogger Fraktál


    My email is posted on my blog's sidebar, on the right. I will change the template soon, it's just too crowded. Anyway, the address is