Sunday, March 20, 2005
Side Effects
This tactical exercises, coupled with playing over nezh's games had an effect on me. My play has become overly risky and wild. I thought that since I am supposed to be tactically more proficient than my opponent, I should be able to overpower by combinations. This mind-set caused me to over-reach, the result of which is a nifty -3 defeat last night. *sigh*.

But its good that I learned something from those defeats at least: I think I am learning a lot about combinations and how to set them up. I know, I know, I am doing all of this tactical exercises - they should teach me all I know. But, they are no substitute for actually looking and setting up your own combinations in a game setting. The memorized tactical exercises assists us what to look for and such, but not until that knight was sacrificed for an attack, will somebody trully understand how it feels. Tons of book have been written about the role of the initiative and time in such cirscumtances, but until youve gone thru it, I think true understanding of them cannot evolve. I mean, I dont know why this should be so, maybe because of adrenaline? but I find that when I was the one doing the sacrifice, the critical squares seems to popup. The ranks and diagonals to be opened cries out for attention. My mind seems to grasp things clearer. I dont feel this way from solving exercies. Not even the most beautiful ones. Maybe this is like learning how to ride a bike. The books tells you how to pedal, how to manuever, etc. etc. But until you rode that bike yourself and just did it, you really wont understand.

So this is my excuse for all those defeats. Nice one to have, too isnt it? =>
But seriously, I really want to lern how to be a sacrificial player. And so I try to continue. Though I lose a ton of games, and even if I hate losing (aurgh!) I want to be able to ride my bike, even if it means having big red wounds in the knees.
(Although winning every now and then seems nice =<)

status -
I only got about 50 problems or so before I complete circle 2 of the annihilation of pawn struktures. This circle is so much fun now that I know the answers. Full of sacrifices on the focal points f7, g6, h7 squares. Maybe I'll do this over 5 times
instead of three. Afterall, Like GM Tal, those are becoming my favorite squares too.
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