Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Two problems
Last night I dedicated two hours for tactical problem solving. Since I didnt do any the other day, I thought I'd catch up. I'll just memorize the 13 move solution problem and go to the next one (see last post). So, when the time came, I happilly opened my tactics book and settled down to solve problems. Only to stare at a totally tactically devoid looking position. I dont get it, there doesnt seem to be a tactic here? But of course there is, this is a tactics book. So I fussed around trying to solve it, and trying to solve it, and trying to solve it.. Only to give up 20 minutes later. Turning to the solutions page. I saw - a fifteen move combination.. Yep, heard it right, fifteen, 1 and 5. Talk about having a long night.

Who can solve these things?

My eyes nearly popped out from their sockets seeing such long variations, excuse me - did I mention variations? That the solution has three variations? By the time I finished walking thru the solution in my head, I have taken up more than one hour of my time.

So I still have one hour right. Maybe the other problems are a little easier. So I turned to solve the next problem. This one seems to be more promising. Lots of pieces. An insecure enemy king.. Only, the enemy king seems to slip-out at the last possible moment. This time, being pissed off by the last problem, I turned to the solutions page after only 10 minutes.. And I saw - A ten move combination!? Again, who can solve these things? Boy, this Maxim Block has one wicked sense of humor.

So after two hours, I can now proudly exclaim that I've solved a total of two(2) problems. *sigh* I hope the remaining problems are easier. Because if all of them are like this, I'll be able to finish my training by next year..

You know the disadvantage with a book is that since it is grouped by tactical themes, the level of difficulty is not indicated. A two move problem can be followed by a fifteen mover as what happened to me. This can seriously whack expectations.

But what to do, I'm already at my 518th problem. I cannot stop this now. I really want to graduate from the DLM program soon. I am really envious of MDLM (In a good way of course).
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