Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Ok, I am starting to not enjoy this exercises. I am averaging only two problems per day. Pawn structures are not the only ones being anihillated right now. My confidence is shot to pieces. Very rarely do I get the whole sequence correct. Sometimes I would get two, maybe three moves if I'm lucky. But I have not once gotten the whole variation. We can say that getting the first three moves is a good thing. And if this were CTART, I may get a few points for that. But sacrificing material forces you to be very accurate. If mate, or huge material compensation was not achieved quickly, you die. So in a real game, I am never going to have the confidence to initiate such long forcing manuevers without seeing up to mate. And I am blind. I tell you, blind!!!

Which brings me:
Maybe I should just try to solve within ten minutes and then go look at the solution? But I am using the tactical exercises to train my thinking process too. I mean, in a real game, there is no solution page to turn to. And so I try to work out all the variations as if I'm in a game. It's just is taking too much time.
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  • At 1:41 AM, Blogger Fraktál

    In your place, I'd definitely give up after 10 minutes and look up the solution. In my opinion, 10 minutes is more than enought to spend on a position. Next time you see it, you'll get it right.And after literally burning the patterns into your mind, your calculation ability will most likely improve as you'll have a lot of familiar positions to fall back to.And they say the mind is much better at pattern matching than calculating, too :)