Wednesday, March 16, 2005
What Chess Needs
I have another idea!

You know what chess needs to garner mass market appeal? To make it hip among the youngsters? You know what? Chess cards! yeah, chess cards! Most other major sports have it. Basketball has it, baseball has it. Heck, even comic superheroes has it. So why not us? I mean the economic potential for this is enormous. Its brilliant I tell you, brilliant. Come on, look at this sample card:

Mr. Chessplayer ELO 2000
Tactics *****
Calculation *****
Positional Play *
Strategy **
Openings *
Endings *

5 stars - Super Grandmaster
1 Star - Little Weiner

Kids just love this stuff. I was crazy for them when I was one. Used to have a collection of hundreds. I tell you, it would be like giving candy to a baby. We could hook them while young. And to dramatize, on the backface of the cards, we can put all kinds of statistics, drawing percentages, winning ave. etc. etc. You name it, we should have it. Then for kickers, we would put little text descriptions for each player. It should look like this:

Gary "The Boss Man" Kasparov - "I'm on top of the world! Whoohoo!"
Vishy "The Indian" Anand - "I'm near the top of the world! Whoohoo!"
Vladimir "The Painter" Kramnik - "I'm so tired! Do you want a draw with that?"
Peter "Another Painter?" Leko - "Hmm, thats the last book move - Do you want a draw with that?"
Robert "The Champion" Fisher - "I want my eggs"
Alex "The weird one" Morozevich - "I have a pretty girlfriend"*

If we could pull it off, this could be the best thing to happen to chess since the invention of castling. And, since we already own the rights to one of the best books out there on the market, we could even do some cross-marketing:

"Buy - The Secret of Chess Improvement:
A Scientific Approach to gain 400 points in 400 days
By GM Nikolai Tsikivlisht and Dr. Marc Groening P.H.D.
And get a chance to win the super rare collectors item
Kasparov card. Here's youre chance now. Hurry!"

Quick, quick - somebody get me a patent before someone else rips this idea off! This little cards can make all of us rich. Rich!
$Ka-ching$ ooohhh, I could almost see those little green umbrellas! =>
Progress Report

All right, I surrender. I am not gonna spend thirty minutes on a problem again.
I am just gonna memorize the solution so "I dont have to deal with it". See,
HTML templates are not the only ones I can copy. =>
I am at problem 579, 27 more problems to go before I finish this chapter.

*Yes, I am attracted to Moro's girlfriend. And thats all I'm gonna say to that!
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  • At 2:11 AM, Blogger Fraktál

    Nice idea. But who's gonna assign the stars? This is where you could use those two letters in front of your name (GM), just to have the credentials...

  • At 3:38 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker

    I bet that the cards of the Knights become extreme popular. . .

  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger Chris

    Excellent idea! Will they come with bubblegum?

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