Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Read a book yesterday titled "Old Man's War". Sort of a sci-fi story. The dialogs was funny that I didnt notice three hours have gone by. So I dropped the book, and immediately after, tried do the exercises. My eyes suddenly sent this searing hot pain into my brain. Pain, pain, pain! Could'nt do anything after that except to lie down and whimper like a dog. Even now I have a hard time opening my eyes. Which means, I am two days delayed now. If Mr Delamaza ever hear this, he'd order me to drop like a log, and give him 50 for failing to keep the schedule (Plus, another 50 for using eyestrain as a pathetic excuse).

Work, Work, Work
You know, all I ever do, and more so now than before is to work on my game. But Sometimes, in rare moments of clarity, I'd stop and wonder "Why am I doing this?". I mean, its not like I want to be a chess professional. I dont even entertain any hope of getting a title (except maybe the the-guy-neglecting-his-job-to-work-on-chessproblems title). Chess is just a very good pastime. But the way it goes, real life is the pastime, and chess is the real life. It is ironic that in attempts to master chess, it has gained a mastery over me. Good grief!

His numbers are mindboggling. Consistent 100% percent throughout. And this without rechunking or spaced-repetitions, or any of the devices that the rest of us use. Man! I think someone who scores like that can be nuclear scientists. Where do I say "Were not worthy"?

Anyway, here is a rundown of the rating scale, and where a DLM adept stand where he to pursue a career outside of chess

100 - Nuclear Physycists, GM's, Fussylizard
90 - Chemical Engineers, IM's
80 - Medical Doctors, NM's
70 - Computer Programmers, Nezha
30 - Pro-wrestler, Stephen Dorff, Talia Shire, Keanu Reeves
2 - My Boss (Sometimes)
1 - My pet dog, Some Lawyers
0 - Phytoplanktons, Politicians,

Okay have to go now, the eyes are acting up again.. arrrgggggg!!! paaaaiiiiinnnnn!
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  • At 4:42 AM, Blogger Fraktál

    Hey, you put Medical Doctors and Chemical Engineers above Computer Programmers?? Not fair... :)

  • At 6:38 AM, Blogger Jens

    I think you are over-rating chemical engineers. Unless they have developed some new substance that enhances tactical vision :)

    (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering)

  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker

    I'm missing journalists in your list. Or can rating be negative?

  • At 6:46 PM, Blogger fussylizard

    Wow, I'm so honored to be at the top of the list. I'm actually just good at memorizing stuff, and my #s didn't look so good when I started. And for the record, I'm actually a computer programmer (though I have moved to the dark side and do more business these days than programming). :-)

    RE: the plan- don't worry about it too much. I tried very hard to stick to the schedule 100%, but couldn't. I recommend the approach I took- do as many problems as possible in the allotted time for the circle and then move on to the next circle. The meat of the program is level 50 and less, though do more if you can since it will really push you. Even on the sixth and seventh circles I was seeing more in the problems.

    Hang in there!