Monday, May 23, 2005
Bad Game
Ok, I know I'm supposed to be solving problems, and not playing at FICS, but I cant resist. I had been chomping a bit on unleashing my "No rush" technique I learned from josh, that I just had to play. Here is tale of how it went

White: Nezha - 1659
Black: "I forgot the name" 1599

I was glad that a near 1600 player answered the seek. I found that players below 1500 are too weak tactically. I was ready for a long tense struggle. After all, we have only 60 points differential

1. e4 e5 - I was very happy here, I was gearing up for a ruy
2. Nf3 d6 - A Phillidor? Havent seen this in a long time
3. Bc4 c5 -
Another pawn push? but now my bishop have absolute control of the diagonal
4. d3 Nc6 - I think this is a mistake already
5. Ng5 Na6 -
6. h3
Now his light squared bishop dont have anywhere to go
6. .. Be7
It is understandable that he wants to castle quickly, but this is another mistake as this allows my next move
7. Qh5
Previously I can't do this as he can push pawn to g6. He spent a long time thinking about his next move. My assesment is he will have to castle here. In that event I was planning on Nf3, Bxa6, then Qxh6 to mess his pawn structure, but -
7. .. Rf8
A blunder which loses instantly
8. Nxh7

A miniature which although a win, I am not happy of. I wanted a work out and instead I get this? I milled around another 30min trying to get another match, but couldnt find any. Finally, I just logged out and went home. Its no use wasting time, I'll decided to do my exercises instead.

I am at problem 300. Did 75 problems last night. Hmmm, might have to do at least 125 today to catch up.
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