Sunday, May 29, 2005
Circle 5 Complete!!!

Mwaha ha ha ha ha ha

The funny thing about this circle is that - I'm still learning. Im still discovering things about the problems. Like, why the move is really the best move. Why the opponent cant do this or that. In a glance, some sequence doesnt seem to be forced. But on further reflection, they really are. Cool! Cant wait for circle 6 to finish so I can find out what other things I discover.

And we have an upcoming FICS tournament too, smack in the middle of me finishing the circles (I think). Hehe, what a good way to test my skills.

But - It's very hard to finish the circles on sched. Work is picking up and the wife is near revolt. Might have to treat her to dinner soon. Otherwise, we might end up having the "accidentally misplaced your book somewhere, and now I cant find it" dialogue.
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