Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Study of Master Games
Ok since I dont have any chess improvement plan yet, and since the other DLM graduates have taken to memorizing/analyzing master games, I figured I would try doing that too. Woudnt hurt my game wouldnt it? I would have liked to use the book "Zurich 1953" by Bronstein that got rave reviews from virtually every respected chess master there is. However, for one reason or another, I had to settle for "The Art of Positional Play" by Reshevsky. A "Truly Great Book" according to GM Kevin Spragget. If that is true, I do hope it helps me become a "Truly Great Player" =>

Anyway, I intend to go over all the games 3-7 times, ala seven circles. It has got about 60 games which is a good number of games to study. I expect it will take about 3 months to completely cover all the material.

I will try to report my progress, and the effects on my rating (if any).
  • Rating at start of master games study: 1763
  • Rating at end of master games study: ???
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